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I've decided to let this go for the time being, as I want to pursue other activities. If you like the idea, and want to help me out in spite of my lack of motivation, sign up for an account, and I"ll accept you.
Right now I am designing this forum. It's purpose is the be a total Realistic Duel Academy where all your actions can matter (except in non-rp sections). I'll be allowing registration by approval only.


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    On the ocean border of the Amazon Rainforest lies a Duel Academy. Between the trees and familiar animal sounds, the academy's glass buildings reflect the sunlight onto the otherwise dark forest floor. The main building is located in a light-filled clearing. The heat is almost enough to make you sweat, but thankfully the buildings are equipped with air conditioning.

    Basic Rules

    - No God-Modding: God-modding is where you make your character do something that is NOT possible. I understand mutant powers or cybernetics (where applicable), but instantly knowing Out-of-Character (except where allowed) information or, for instance, you need, let's say, a specific item to continue and you "just happen" to have one for no apparent reason is not allowed.
    - No Player Control: No controlling other people w/o their OOC permission (written as "OOC" in their RP post). Said permission only works for that topic until they revoke the permission.
    - Your posts must be in sentences with understandable spelling; you may display your own actions in this format *action*(i.e: "This is some good coffee." *sips the coffee* The other person also sipped some coffee.).

    Character Creation

    To be able to access most sections of the school, you need your own character. Here is a list of the sections that a non-member can access.
    New-Member Zone minus Prep-Academy
    General Chat
    Off Topic
    Guest Friendly Advertising

    Fill out this form and reply to this topic.
    It is important that you get this code right. For example, your answers should be after the [/b]'s.





    [b]Other Notes:[/b]

    [b]RP Excerpt[/b]
    *For the RP Excerpt have a 50+ word paragraph demonstrating your Role Playing ability.

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