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I've decided to let this go for the time being, as I want to pursue other activities. If you like the idea, and want to help me out in spite of my lack of motivation, sign up for an account, and I"ll accept you.
Right now I am designing this forum. It's purpose is the be a total Realistic Duel Academy where all your actions can matter (except in non-rp sections). I'll be allowing registration by approval only.

    Dueling Rules

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    Dueling Rules

    Post by Flying Pig on Wed May 08, 2013 1:09 am

    Current Duel Arenas
    Deck Test Duels
    Single Duels
    Match Duels
    Wager Duels


    - Create a topic. Find a duelist. Declare the results. One person has to create a results topic in the correct duelling arena after or before the duel is undertaken. The information that has to be put in the topic will be shown once you press the 'new topic' button. copy and paste this information into the topic and fill it in. In this topic, the result must be confirmed by both players. You will then be given your rewards for the duel.
    Penalty: None.

    - If in doubt, call a judge. If you need a judge on this site to watch a duel, then put [Judge Required] or similar in your duel topic. This is useful if you and the opponent are beginner players and you need someone to point out any mistakes either of you may make. This is also recommended in the case of final rounds of tournaments, where stakes are high.
    Penalty: None.

    - Do not cheat. Don't try and find out what your opponent's cards are, don't pretend a card is unbanned when it is banned, don't try to draw an extra card when you are not supposed to, and so on.
    Penalty: Duel disqualification.

    - Fix your mistakes. If you make a mistake, take back the move if possible. Don't play to any advantages that may have occurred as a result of the mistake. Also, admit to the mistake in your results topic.
    Penalty: If admitted: none | If not admitted: LP you get if you won is halved.


    Any unwritten rules here are common sense. Ask a judge if there is a ruling issue, for example.

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