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    Dorm Test Criteria

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    Dorm Test Criteria

    Post by Flying Pig on Tue May 14, 2013 1:14 am


    ====Testing Criteria====
    The test is divided into two parts: A match duel, and a 10 question exam. When creating a Topic, note that there are three levels of decks. If you pick easier, you will have very little chance at getting into Blue Eyes. Winning against hardest will give you some more room for error on the ruling exam since you've shown yourself a powerful player. The ruling questions will most likely based on the duel.
    Each duelist undergoing the test has to fulfill a certain set of criteria to obtain points. Starting with 0 points, the test-taker earns points based on the following:

    Duel Wins:
    Won first game only: 5/10 points
    Won second game only: 10/12 points
    Won first and last game: 15/22/25 points
    Won last two games: 20/25/28 points
    Won first two games: 25/30/32 points

    In-Game Misplays/Ruling issues:
    (You will not get deducted points for asking your tester questions)
    Start with 10 points. For the first four errors after the first, deduct a point. Deduct 2 points for each error after those.

    Ruling Questions:
    10 correct: 30 points
    9 correct: 29 points
    8 correct: 27 points
    7 correct: 25 points
    6 correct: 22 points
    5 correct: 20 points
    4 correct: 15 points
    3 correct: 10 points
    1-2 correct: 5 points
    0 correct: 0 points

    Additional Points
    If the test-taker does not win two games, the tester may assign up to 10 bonus points for good plays.

    You will be placed in a dorm based on this criteria: (Please note: criteria may change over time)
    Legendary: Invite only
    Advanced: 60+ points
    Intermediate: 35-59 points
    Beginner: 0-34 points

    Testers, please fill out this form after completing the test.


    [b]Name of Duelist:[/b]
    [b]Link to Test:[/b]
    [b]Level of Difficulty:[/b]

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