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I've decided to let this go for the time being, as I want to pursue other activities. If you like the idea, and want to help me out in spite of my lack of motivation, sign up for an account, and I"ll accept you.
Right now I am designing this forum. It's purpose is the be a total Realistic Duel Academy where all your actions can matter (except in non-rp sections). I'll be allowing registration by approval only.

    Basic Rules

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    Basic Rules

    Post by Flying Pig on Thu May 02, 2013 2:07 am

    Welcome to DAL, otherwise known as Duel Academy Legends!
    This is the place to hone your duelling skills and become known to everyone as a Legend!
    If you're already very skilled, then you can help teach the other players and welcome them into the community.
    However, to be able to keep a sense of community spirit and to prevent fights breaking out,
    a few basic rules must be laid down first which everyone should abide by, no matter their rank.
    Read more about us here.

    - Please do not swear in your posts or on the chat. We are a friendly community, and this community is likely to have some young people due to its subject material. Please keep all language suitable to those under 13. I do not want excuses like 'they'll have heard it before!'. Not everyone has lived your life.
    Penalty: Post editing and/or one hour ban.

    - Please do not fight. If you get into a dispute with another player, then tell a staff member instead of replying back to the other member. This rule applies to the chat.
    Penalty: Post deletions, temporary ban depending on severity.

    - Please do not post adult content. This includes links to sites that could otherwise have it.
    Penalty: Permanent ban.

    - Please do not double post. The exception is if the topic is over a week old AND you have valuable information to contribute to it. You won't be penalised in the event the information is mistaken, but you will be penalised if the post is something that we could have done without such as 'lol'.
    Penalty: Post deletion and/or PM warning.

    - Please do not spam. This is similar to the above, but involves any time period. Spamming involves posting messages such as 'lol' or 'cba' or suchlike to a topic. This doesn't apply in the chat.
    Penalty: Post deletion and/or PM warning.

    - Please don't advertise your website. There are special sites for this such as Advertise Hotspot, ForumPromotion, etc. Please try and stick to those sites, or use the special advertising forum at the bottom of this site. This rule also applies to the chatbox as well as links attached to images in signatures or posts.
    Penalty: Advert deletion and/or PM warning.

    - Please don't stretch the forum with signature or avatar images. When you upload an image, make sure it doesn't stretch the site. If it does, remove the image as soon as you can and replace it with a smaller one. A suggested maximum width for avatars is 120 and 500 for signatures.
    Penalty: Avatar/signature removal and/or PM warning.

    Three PM warnings merit a ban.

    - Please don't pester staff to become a mod. Pestering staff members to make you a moderator will result in you not becoming one. Pestering is a form of immaturity, and immaturity is something that we do not look for in staff members.
    Penalty: Inability to become staff member.


    Thank you very much for reading the rules. I hope your stay at DAL is enjoyable! Any questions, please ask.

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